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Youth Football Leagues

If you are near, make sure and hit the Frank Glazier Football Coaching Clinics. They are free for any youth football coach.

I'm presenting 5 topics and look forward to meeting with if you stop by the Chicago, Indianapolis, Baltimore or St Loius Clinics. The best time to get me is before the sessions start or in an open slot.

Setting off tomorrow for the Frank Glazier Clinic in Indianapolis. One of the benefits of speaking at the Nike and Glazier Clinics is I get to meet a lot of youth football coaches from all over the country. They tell me so many interesting and amusing stories from their youth football leagues. Quite often I get to talk to coaches that are already running my system and it seems they almost always have about the same story to tell, they were a little skeptical, the practice methodology and schemes were a bit different than they were used to, but in the end the kids had a blast and the team did well. I always enjoy hearing the trials, tribulations and success stories of my fellow youth football coaches, especially if they have been running my system. Where I learn the most from is through all the youth coaches that share their experiences with me. They present various schemes, techniques, special rules and countermeasures they see in their leagues and we often noodle out ideas and solutions together to solve the issue. Quite often the answer lies on applying specific concepts straight from the book and in other situations it is the same exact thing that happened to XYZ team in Jenks Oklahoma that was solved by doing ABC in 2003. You get the ideam it's all good.

Clinic Benefits "For Me"

The other benefit from doing so many clinics is I get to hear other speakers. I don't just do my sessions or other youth sessions and go back to my room. I usually attend sessions all day and meet with coaches to discuss techniques, schemes and strategies in-between, before and after those sessions. I also usually have breakfast, lunch and dinner with youth, high school and even college coaches to help me become a better coach. Anytime any of us think we have all the answers, we get passed by our competition. I am always looking for ways to improve every aspect of our team and offering at Winning Youth Football.

Benefits for YOU

I always share the ideas I pick up at these clinics that I think make sense for youth coaches. It is rare that I can't take at least one idea or concept from each session and apply it to what I want to accomplish in youth football and I share those ideas here with you on this blog. I got some great ideas from a youth coach in Florida last year that only started running my system in 2006. I got a great tip from Tyrone Willingham in Northern Virginia last year on how to stop our linemens "false step" problems. I got some great tips at a Nike Clinic from a High School coach on our Jet Sweep Series. I got some outstanding ideas from Darrin Slack in Boston on passing grips. I got some ideas that worked for us on Team Building from Les Miles. I got some offensive line drills we could adapt to what we do from a High School coach in Philly.

You get the idea, you can always learn. The coaching clinics are a real blessing and educational experience if you work them hard and are diligent in understanding where you need help and how realistically applicable are the tips, schemes and techniques to your youth football team and your specific grouping of kids. But don't take my word for it, go to these clincs yourself, they are well worth the time.

Dave Cisar-

Dave has a passion for developing youth coaches so they can in turn develop teams that are competitive and well organized. He is a Nike "Coach of the Year" Designate and speaks nationwide at Coaches Clinics. His book "Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan" was endorsed by Tom Osborne and Dave Rimington.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience as a youth coach, Dave has developed a detailed systematic approach to developing youth players and teams. His personal teams to using this system to date have won 97% of their games in 5 Different Leagues.His web site is: Football Plays