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Youth Football Gloves

Baseball gloves have been around for years. The first baseball glove was worn on the field by Al Spalding and others in 1876. In 1920 the first Rawlings baseball glove with a natural pocket was worn on the baseball field.

Baseball gloves have evolved a lot since those times. Did you know that Bill Mazeroski dug an outhouse to come up with the money to buy his first baseball glove? Brooks Robinson kept his glove fingers stiff with tongue depressors. There are many stories about players and their baseball gloves.

Baseball gloves are still an important part of the game and itís crucial that you find the right one for you. Consider the price, you can find baseball gloves for $15 all the way up to $200 or more. If you plan to use the glove for a long time it might be a good idea to pay a little more and get a good quality glove. If you are buying the glove for a younger player who will need to change baseball gloves as they grow you might want to think about a less expensive baseball glove.

When choosing baseball gloves the feel is important. If it doesnít feel good you will not be able to play at your peak performance.

You can buy baseball gloves in many different sizes for all ages, positions and games. Baseball gloves as measured by their "pattern size". Youth baseball gloves range from 8" to about 12" and adults are usually in the 12" to 13" range.

Baseball gloves are available according to positions: Catchers, first base, infield and outfield. There are also different types of webs and backs.

There are many brands and hundreds of models to choose from when buying baseball gloves. Players often have their own personal favorites. You can even have a handcrafted, personalized glove made.

Baseball gloves have a history and are still an important part of the equipment when playing today.

Ken Austin
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