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Trapping A Soccer Ball

Here is why soccer trapping is so important! Please read this story to find out why.

Your team of ten year old soccer giants are in the final game of the season. The score is 3-3 and there are minutes, maybe even seconds left to play. You are able to move the ball into your opponents zone. Passing is crisp. Your team has more energy. Even the wind is in your favor. The ball is crossed to Billy.. Before I finish this story, let me tell you about Billy. he is the fastest player on your team. He is also the player that has the best leg on your team. Yet, for one reason Billy has only 1 goal all year. Want to know why?

Billy does not know how to trap a soccer ball!

As Billy receives the crossing pass, the outcome of the game is sealed in seconds. As the ball nears him, Billy attempts to stop the ball. He controls the ball for only a split second and then he deflects it towards the defender.

The opportunity is wasted.

Here are two tips on coaching soccer trapping.

1. Get in front of the ball

Players have to be willing to let the ball hit them. Some balls are moving up, some moving down. Some are fast, some are slow. But they all need to be trapped

2. Absorb the ball.

This is done when you allow the ball to hit your body in a way that it will not bounce away out of control. It can also be done with any part of the body or legs or head.

Practice absorbing the ball simply by passing back and forth with a teammate. Following each pass, the ball should immediately be in the players control. Trapping the ball is a skill that anyone can learn. It is not hard but it takes practice. If Billy had practiced this simple skill, maybe his scoring opportunity in the game would not have been wasted.

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Kent Janz is the founder of RTP Sports Camps. Having coached youth for 15 years, it was time to teach others to do the same. RTP Sports Camps is all about helping youth develop a love for sports. By the way, we are looking for coaches in your area!