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Soccer Drills - How To Improve Soccer Passing Skills

Passing and receiving a soccer ball is more than just kicking it back and forth. These are soccer skills that involve communication, organization, and vision. There are many simple, yet effective soccer drills ou can use to easily improve passing and receiving skills.

The goal is to effectively work on passing technique and combine this with training on receiving, fitness, and movement.

Here's an example of a simple way you can do just that:

- Create a rectangle 4 yards by 10 yards with a pylonat each corner.

- Have one player stand behind each pylon.

- The drill begins when player 1 passes to player 2 and thenplayer 1 switches places with player 4. Player 2 passes to player 4 and then switches places with player 3.

- They then repeat this drill on the other side.

- Then passing takes place between players 3 and 4.

One great variation is to have two balls going at once so that while player 1 is passing to player 2, player 4 is passing to player 3, then they switch and pass the ball back and switch again.

Here's another example...

Pass and Run
This is a drill that accommodates 6 or more players. Using 12 players in the following example, note how there are 4 players set up in each corner of the field.

- The first player 1 passes to the front player 4 and then runs to the back of line 4.

- Then the first player 4 passes to the front player 1 and follows up by running to the end of the number 1 line.

- They continue in this pattern and meanwhile the same exchange is happening between lines 2 and 3.

Use your imagination and come up with other ways to vary this game and your own soccer drills.

Andre Botelho is a recognized authority on the subject of soccer drills.
His web site, Youth Soccer Drills, provides a wealth of informative soccer articles,
resources and tips for soccer coaches, parents and players.