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North Carolina Youth Soccer Association

The mountain region of North Carolina is the northwest part of the state and it boasts of such serene town as Asheville, Robbinsville, Waynesville, Jefferson, Franklin, Jonesville, North Jackson County, Burke County Bryson City, Hendersonville and Hayesville. The greatest charm of owning a house in the mountain region of North Carolina is that these mountains are at an altitude of 6000 feet above sea level, which makes them a cool and absolutely picturesque place to live in.

In this silent area of North Carolina, real estate is consists of luxurious residential homes, horse ranches, huge farms and commercial business property. There are single homes such as bungalows and villas available, as well as condominiums and apartments. Though there is less housing in mountainous North Carolina than other regions, there is still a great demand for it. The prices of these properties can be quite high.

Vacation organizers own a large amount of the real estate property in North Carolina. The mountain regions of North Carolina offer several features that are desired by people wanting to go on a vacation. The prime attractions are the climate and the 800-mile long trail up the mountain -- a favorite of bicyclists. Millions of dollars have been invested in the business of providing vacations.

It is very difficult to get hold of real estate property in the mountainous region of North Carolina. People whom have no intentions of selling own most of the property.

Real estate agents in the mountain region of North Carolina need to be affiliated with the North Carolina Association of Realtors. This body supervises the sale and purchase of real estate properties within the state of North Carolina.

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