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Milwakie Mustangs Youth Football

1) The quarterback must exude confidence and take on a leadership role.

2) Confidence will come from many hours of study to completely understand the both his offense and the opposing defense.

3) Handoffs are the responsibility of the quarterback. Be sure to put the ball underneath the running back's inside elbow and don't let go until the back has a good hold on the ball.

4) Develop the ability to control the ball quickly at the snap. Bring the football into the body, ready for the handoff or pass.

5) Practice your pitch-out until you can always "lead" the running back so he doesn't have to break stride to catch the toss.

6) There should never be a fumbled center/quarterback exchange. Put the time in to make this as automatic as getting out of bed in the morning.

7) Practice passing from the pocket, rolling out, backpedaling to avoid the rush, sprinting out, throwing while moving in the opposite direction from your throwing arm, etc. Be prepared for all game conditions.

8) Practice getting the ball to moving receivers and over, under and between the defenders.

9) Release the ball near the ear.

10) Your follow-through should be like that of a free-throw shooter. No round-house motions!

To play the quarterback position you must have self discipline, be coachable, hard worker, and practice the quarterback training techniques you can find on Quarterback Training DVDs or a Quarterback Training Camp found in your area.

Once you learn the basic passing techniques and drills you must practice them over and over.

Most top Quarterbacks practice throwing 500 passes a day, 3 days a week.

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