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Illinois Youth Soccer

Soccer training video is an interactive and fun way to learn the impressive soccer skills and field vision. Whether it is passing, shooting, dribbling, or another thing associated with the coaching soccer, a training video can be a great help both for the coaches as well as for the players.

  • Spreading The Field Offensively While Also Staying Compressed

  • It is an interesting activity, especially to watch this on a training video. There is a common rule in soccer that every expert coach teaches its students that they should spread offensively and compact defensively. The following activity will demonstrate this.

  • The Activity

  • The first thing that the coach needs to do is to break the field into three sections. The numbers of players available will determine about the size of the field. However, the coaches must make sure that the bigger the size of the field, the better it is.

    Now, instruct the team that there is an offensive team and a defensive team. There must be at least one player in all three sections of the field at all times in the offensive team. The basic rule should be that the defensive team must stay compact when the offensive team spreads out and vice versa.

  • The Rule For The Defense

  • The coach must clarify the players about the rule for the defense in the very beginning. The rule is that all defenders must be in the middle zone when the ball is in the middle zone. Likewise, if the ball is in a wide zone, defenders can be in the middle zone as well as in that wide zone.

  • Shifting

  • The coach must allow a short period of time for players to shift properly. You should give the players a view that you want them to play rather than do a drill.

    Overall, when it comes to teaching spacing and balance both offensively and defensively, the above activity proves very effective and impressive.

    If you want to learn about this excellent way in an excellent manner, you must experience watching the same in the soccer training video.

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