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Basketball - It Starts With Fundamentals

Basketball Fundamentals are rapidly disappearing in youth basketball today. Now the youth that I have coached have the look down but their skills are sometimes lacking.

You Know What I Mean?

Picture this

Try-outs are about to begin. Last season was an average one. You won more games than you lost. This year looks much better because of two reasons.

1. You only lost one starter from last years team.

2. You heard that there was a new kid in school. This kids eats, drinks and sleeps bball.

The kids walk into the gym and across the court, you see him. He is average height for a Jr. High kid but he looks like a basketball player.

He has the nicest shoes on the court (the ones you were checking our at Sport Chek). He has a Steve Nash jersey on. He has the headband around his head.

A coach cannot help but grin - although you don't show that kind of emotion in front of the other kids.

Practice begins with some stretching and some running. The new kid looks like he fits in alright. Then it moves to ball handling and shooting.

It takes you 15 seconds to see that this kid has poor basketball fundamentals. Coaches can tell.As you coach remember it needs to start with fundamentals. The new kid who has never been taught the basics will contribute to your team. In fact, he might become a great player. However, it is going to take some work by the coach and the player.

When it comes to the basics, this is something that needs to be practiced from day one. Over and over again. From Elementary all the way to College.

Ever watch a Jr. High coach run a practice? Have you ever watch a College coach run a practice. There are just some elements that never change.

The look is easy to acquire.

The look is easy to acquire. Basketball Fundamentals take an effort - but it is worth it.

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Kent Janz is the founder of RTP Sports Camps. Having coached basketball for 15 years, it was time to teach others to do the same. RTP Sports Camps is all about helping youth develop a love for sports. By the way, we are looking for coaches in your area!