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Aston Youth Soccer Association

Cars produced by british producer Aston Martin have always been fascinating and breath taking sports vehicles. Owning one of these cars is a fantastic experience. But now Aston Martin is going to give us something very special and different. The new concept car Aston Martin Rapide. This vehicle is a pure sports car, but with four door. It also comes with high performance and remarkable poise and grace.

This beautiful sports car should be produced from 2010, but this date is not for sure yet. The car is built based on unique vertcal / horizontal design which enables to combine power, soul and beauty with large space and practicality for every day use of the vehicle. Many new stylistic, innovations and flexible manufacturing features were used to create the automobile. New features were also used in the interior as well as exterior.

Aston Martin comes to the new century with almost unlimited potential. The company belongs to the group of strongest brands in the automotive industry also as in the history and now has all it needs to produce best segment cars (products, facilities, technology, distribution networks). The company is able to move fast from the concept and prototypes stages to the final production stage of its models. As mentioned before, the all brand new concept car Aston Martin rapide should come to the final production. It will be produced in limited numbers only, so owning one of these excellent sports cars will be a very exciting experience as well as a very good investment.

Marian Hlinka - webmaster of Aston Martin Rapide