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Youth Swimming Teams

Ask yourself a question. Do you believe a kill 'em all attitude on the field is beneficial to youth baseball?, or How about this..Youth baseball is a sport that involves a whole team with each child trying their best and learning and improving..and having Fun. Baseball is a game and should be fun. I prefer the second answer. I want my son and teammates to all play, learn and improve..and the opposing team also. There may be a youth on the other team that may very well be in a job with your child someday. Wouldn't it be great if they could work together and compliment each other?

The point is, attitude in youth baseball and all sports can help your child in his entire life deal with teamwork, successes, failures, problem solving and opportunities. What can a parent do to make sure his child is getting the most positive mental impact from playing youth baseball.

First, look at your own attitude toward baseball other players, other teams, and competition. If your son sees you as viewing these as partners in the youth baseball will feed into him. We always compliment good players, teams, and coaches. There is almost always something someone does right. There still might be opportunities that can be mentioned but not dwelled upon. A good game does not always have to be the one you win. There are several opportunities to do something successful such as ..the first run down your team ever executed perfectly and got an out. You may or may not lose..but there was still success. I even compliment kids for being in the ready position and moving to the proper position to back up even if they were not in the play.

Second, I hate to say it, but watch the coach(if your are the coach watch yourself). Talking sportsmanship is not enough. Be careful of your actions and words to foster team building. As a parent if your coach is not doing need to be extra sure you are fostering this environment.

A good youth baseball attitude can be instilled by parents and coaches by respecting other players,teams,coaches, and umpires. Attitude, good or bad) begins with parents and coaches.

Author- Brian McClureWant to learn more about helping your child in youth baseball as a parent or coach?

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