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Youth Summer Basketball And Wichita

Yep, we're down to 16. 16 teams left in the Men's NCAA Basketball Tourney, that is.

The Big East started off with 8 teams and 4 remain including the two #1 seeds, Villanova and UConn. Georgetown and West Virginia also remain giving the B.E. a very good chance of sending at least one team to the Final Four.

You have got to love George Mason and Wichita State, two teams that have shocked everyone. Okay, maybe not themselves. Known as the "Shockers" Wichita State is not playing the role of compliant patsy and rolling over either. No, they tossed two of last year's final four teams to get this far. Interestingly, George Mason and Wichita State will face off later this week in a rematch of a game won by G.M. on the Shockers home court earlier in the season. So, one Cinderella team is guaranteed to make it to the Round of 8 due to the match up. Pretty cool, eh?

I also like Bradley, the 3rd Cinderella team that is still alive. They knocked off a very good Pitt team to advance.

Hey, what's wrong with the Big Ten? Six teams in and now six teams out...a bad reflection on that prestigious conference, don't you think?

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