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Youth Soccer Tournaments In Oregon

Soccer is a well-known sport practiced all over the world. People from kids to adults enjoy having a nice soccer game among them. On special events, such as tournaments and leagues, we are able to see how the soccer matches affect the whole community of soccer fans. However, each fan has its own way of expressing his or her passion for the sport. Among them we can distinguish the forced fan, the regular fan, and also the extreme fan.

First of all we have a very calm fan referred as forced fan. This kind of fan usually meets with his group of friends at a bar or at someone’s house to watch an important soccer match. They enjoy watching a soccer game, but they do it mostly because their friends do so. They watch the game if they do not find anything better to do. Usually as the game goes on, they get distracted and lose track of which team is winning.

Similar to the forced fan, there is also a regular fan. However, this kind of fan enjoys every single minute of the game, whether he watches it at home or goes to the stadium if possible. It wouldn’t matter if his friends cannot go with him; he goes because he wants to. In fact, he may make new friends at the stadium who also enjoys watching the game.

Finally and the most remarkable of fans is the extreme fan. As his name says, this fan takes watching and enjoying the games to another level. At home he does everything he can in order to watch the game with all the commodities possible, including foods and drinks. At the stadium, he cheers loudly for his team and boos on the other team. In some cases a group of friends paint their faces and chests with the color of their team. Another thing this fan may do is to get the football field, meanwhile the game is still going on, just to shake hands with his favorite player and get an autograph. Also, this may or may not have his clothes on when doing this.

Soccer is growing more popular over time, as well as the fans for this sport. Forced, regular, and extreme fans are the most common of all. If you are interested in this sport you may wonder on which of these categories you fit on, but remember that you can always be a fan in your own particular way.