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Youth Soccer Formation

You cannot win a soccer game without using impressive soccer techniques for defense. Let me give you a brief insight into the defensive strategy. The defensive strategy is all about winning the ball as near to the opponents' goal as possible.

  • Compact Formation Of The Team

  • The defensive strategy works only if the coach is able to train the team the right way and help the team retain a compact shape. If the team retains compact formation, it will make a few important things possible for a defending team.

    For example, a team with a compact shape means the player on the ball can be challenged quickly. This will eventually prevent him from playing the ball forward. If it does not prevent, it will at least delay him from playing the ball forward.

    Another benefit of having a team with compact formation is that the challenging player will immediately get defensive support. Here, the role of the coach becomes important. The coach must teach the team how to cover a teammate challenging the player with the ball.

    The coach should also teach the players to mark an opponent in the area of the ball and occupy important space goal-side of the ball. There are many other benefits of the team with a compact formation, such as the players will be available to track opponents making forward runs.

  • Reduce The Chances Of Conceding A Goal

  • The coach should also teach the players about how to reduce the chances of conceding a goal further. For this, the coach must instruct the players defending in and around their own penalty area to achieve certain objectives.

    For example, they should try to be the first to the ball. They should move towards the ball clearing with height, distance and width. They must also know how to defend the area of the far post. Last, but not the least, they should learn how not to get caught in possession in the defending third of the field.

    When it comes to teaching soccer techniques for defense, the coach must teach the defenders to stay within a triangle formed by the position of the ball, the position of their immediate opponent and the center of the goal.

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