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Youth Soccer Coaching - How to Prevent Injuries

Injury prevention is a very important component in youth soccer coaching. The coaches must understand the famous saying as it goes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • How To Prevent Injuries

  • The coaches have to use every possible way to prevent injuries. For this, they must take certain steps. For example, they must have their focus on proper skill development. What is more, before you start the training session, you must inspect the entire field in order to make sure that there are no holes, sprinkler heads, etc.

  • Plan It Safe

  • It is very important for the coaches to have a well thought out plan regarding how they have to deal with the injuries. There must also be a written response plan for emergencies that include the following points.

    Make sure that a first aid kit is available.

    Do not forget to collect the medical consent forms from all the players.

    Have emergency contacts all the times.

    You must have access to phone.

    It is always a great idea to have an assistant that is knowledgeable regarding the first aid.

  • Reducing The Injury Risks

  • Well, you cannot prevent injuries completely from occurring. It is not in your hand, but there are certain steps that you can take in order to reduce the injury risks. Incorporate the following things with the training session and it will possibly keep your players away from injuries.

    Make sure that you incorporate a conditioning program with every training session. The conditioning program should focus on building muscle strength for the young players.

    Stretching exercises are also very important. Therefore, you must have your players do some stretching exercises on a daily basis.

    You must instruct your players that all of them have to wear properly fitting shoes.

    Suggest a well-balanced diet to the young players, which could nourish their muscles.

    Whether it is a practice session or a game, you must have your players go for a warm up session.

    Always remember that your task as an expert coach also includes recognizing an injury when it happens, stabilizing the same as best you can, and summoning medical assistance if required. When it comes to youth soccer coaching, it is very crucial for the coaches be well prepared beforehand for any emergencies as and when it appears.

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