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Youth Football Camps

I am a former NFL Quarterback that was an 8th round draft choice by the Buffalo Bills in 1980, and today I want to talk about Quarterback Camps.

I got a phone call from a father who had a son and was looking for a Passing Camp, and he wanted to know if I might be able to recommend a QB Camp?

So after doing some Google research and making some phone calls, there are over 10 Quarterback camps that I found that looked interesting.

Some are location based, i.e. just one location, some are regional and some are national.

They all seemed to offer similar quarterback training.

They all start with the Quarterback center exchange and stance. And work into the different drops and footwork needed.

Most teach the all the different types of drops and throws that all Quarterbacks must learn.

The 3, 5, 7 step drop plus shotgun. Most also go over the typical quarterback passing tree.

These are the routes and throws that all quarterbacks will be making in a game.

For 3 step drops the passing routes will be: Quick Slant, Quick Out, Hitch, Slip Screen.

For the 5 step drop the passing routes are: curl, 10 yard out, 10 yard in, Quick Post.

For the 7 step drop or shotgun the throws that are taught are: the deep out, the comeback, the deep in or dig route, the post, and the go route.

From there most progress to work with quarterback passing mechanics. The football grip, the football position while you are doing your drops, and the release.

Once these basic fundamentals are covered the passing camps start to teach passing drills.

I personally know of 36 different quarterback passing drills that you can practice on.

Some of the Quarterback practice drills are:

1. The Elway Scrabble Drill

2. The Garbage Can Drill

3. The Goal Post Drill

4. The Quick Feet Drill

5. Long Ball Drill

Most quarterback drills cover four major categories:

Quarterback Fundamentals

Quarterback Footwork

Quarterback Passing Accuracy

Developing Quarterback Arm Strength

Some of the higher priced Camps will also cover quarterback defense reads techniques and actual film room study.

Most of the Quarterback camps that I found during my search were in the price range of $149-$249 for a 1 day quarterback camp to the top of the line 3-4 days quarterback camp costing $399-$699.

For those of you parents or football players that can't afford that or have time constraints you can find the same information taught at these football camps on Quarterback Training DVD's at half the price usually under $80.00!!!

If you were like me, I always wanted to get my hands on any type of quarterback training that might help me to get better.

If you have any questions or comments please send me an email.

I strongly suggest attending a quarterback camp or purchasing quarterback training dvd's!

For more information about affordable quarterback training DVD's see the football and quarterback websites below.

Todd Krueger is a former 8th round draft pick in 1980 with the Buffalo Bills and also played with the Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Wranglers in the USFL. He runs a football coaching website at or where he offers low cost football coaching products such as NFL Football Playbooks, Youth Football Practice DVDs, Quarterback Training DVDs, Football Scouting Software, Football Playbook Software, Free Quarterback Drills, Football Special Teams DVDs, Football Workout DVDs, Football Practice DVDs, and a free football newsletter.