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Youth Basketball League In Arlington

History buffs have a lot to do when they visit the city of Arlington Virginia. One of the top attractions that can not be missed by any military or history buff is Arlington National Cemetery. Keep reading and learn more about this Virginia destination.

Arlington National Cemetery is visited by more than four million people each and every year. It honors the memory of war heroes and over 260,000 soldiers and their family. When you arrive at the cemetery you should first go and visit the Visitors Center. There you can see some exhibits and find a map of the expansive complex. The cemetery occupies well over 600 acres so a map is something that is definitely recommended. Some of the notable figures buried at the cemetery include five star general John Pershing, President William Howard Taft and supreme court justice Thurgood Marshall. This just scratches the surface though as the cemetery is home to many more famous people. One of the more famous attractions located at the cemetery is the Tomb of the Unknowns. It is home to the remains of soldiers who have never been identified. It honors their sacrifice and includes the remains of those from both World Wars and the Korean War.

The cemetery is an attraction that you should definitely check out , especially if you are a fan of history or military. If you would like to visit it you can find the entrance at the Arlington Memorial Bridge, For more information and to learn about soecial events you can call 703-228-3988. Have fun.

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