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Youth Basketball League Houston

Our Wednesday (3/29) basketball predictions and picks are listed below.

Best: Mavericks @ Cavaliers: Dirk and LeBron, itís rare to have a matchup with two ďone-man teamsĒ that are fully in the playoffs. Flip Murray has made 3 times as many game-winners in the past month as LeBron has in his entire career. So whatever you will about LeBron, but Murray has stepped up big time. In his five game-tying/winning plays in 4th quarters heís 4/5. Predicted Score: Cleveland wins 105-103 in a buzzer beater.

Runner-up: Kings @ Blazers: Portland is the worst team in the West and have been since day 1. Still, it hasnít stopped them from competing with most teams. Zach Randolph is starting to take 3-point shots more frequently, which would be a bad thing if he wasnít making more than half of them. Predicted Score: Sacramento wins 93-89 on the backs of their playoffs push.

Blowout: Sonics @ Rockets: Tracy McGrady is gone and thatís a no-no for the Rockets. Houston is one of the Leagueís lowest scoring teams and Seattle is one of the highest. Now take away the best player on Houston and Seattle should have an open path to a victory. Predicted Score: Seattle wins 101-88

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