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Youth Basketball League - Germantown

Germantown, TN, is a small yet vibrant community in the mid south. The Senior Citizens Advisory Commission of Germantown is currently composed of nine members and three ex-officio members. The commission is restricted to Germantown residents who are 55 years of age and above, and is therefore best placed to cater for the needs of its senior citizens.

As a service to the community, the Senior Citizens Advisory Commission produces a calendar of senior activities and programs that are available to all senior citizens. For example, a sample of events are (but are not restricted to) activities such as Breakfast Clubs, Tai Chi, line dancing classes, drama classes plus a large range of other entertainment and relaxation activities. The list of available activities is certainly very impressive, and caters for most tastes and requirements.

The Commission also researches Senior resources and services. The kind of services that are available range from topics relating to medical, homemaking, and health aid to educational, recreational, and volunteer opportunities. This information is helpful for local seniors and for residents who are planning to move a senior citizen to the greater Memphis area

For those adventurers who still prefer to seek out their own entertainment, Germantown offers a wide range of social centres and outdoor activities. Germantown has two dozen parks, sports complexes and other green spaces, covering more than 700 acres of recreational land. They provide athletic fields and courts, picnic areas, biking/walking trails and playgrounds, reflecting a Parks and Recreation department goal of placing recreational and leisure opportunities within a half mile of every home.

The amenities offered are first class, with a very diverse range of activities and pursuits to keep all ages and interests occupied both mentally and physically. For those looking to see out retirement in surroundings that are not only beautiful, but uplifting as well, could do worse than investigate the Germantown Plantation in Tennessee.

Learn more about the Germantown Plantation senior living community from this excellent website.