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Whoresales Youth Soccer Balls

Soccer passing drills are an important component of a soccer training session. There are various games and techniques that can effectively help improve the passing skills of your players.

  • Teaching The Fundamental Of Passing

  • In order to teach the players the basic passing, you can start with splitting the team into pairs. Each pair must have a ball. Now, you have to evaluate their passing skills by having them pass and trap the ball. After your evaluation of their skills, you can go for the touch control passing lessons.

  • Circle Games

  • Most of the circle games are effective enough to optimize the passing skills of the soccer players. For example, one simple way is to place two players in the middle of the circle and both of them have to intercept passes attempted by the players on the outside. When one of the players inside the circle successfully intercepts a pass made by a player on the outside, that outside-standing player will replace his position with the one in the middle who intercepted his pass.

  • Practicing Passing With Three Soccer Balls

  • In this method, three soccer balls and two teams with equal number is required. When the coach says, “Go”, all the players have to try to steal as many ball as possible. When the coach says, “STOP”, the game gets a pause and the team with the possession of two or three balls wins.

    This is a simple method, but in order to get positive outcomes of the same, this process must be repeated several times. Since, there are three balls and two teams, in order to keep possession of two or more balls is not an easy cake for any team and the team that wins surely have players with better passing skills. This game teaches various aspects associated with passing of the ball, such as:

    • Players are able to decide their position that where they should run when they do not have the ball so that they could get the possession of the same.

    • They learn to make instant decisions regarding passing and dribbling the ball

    • They also have to make instant decision which player of the team they want to pass the ball.

    Overall, soccer is all about practice, practice, and practice. Whichever method you use to practice soccer passing drills, make sure that you practice the same several times in order to sharpen your passing skills.

    Andre Botelho is a recognized authority on the subject of soccer passing drills.
    His web site, Teaching Youth Soccer Training Drills, provides a wealth of informative soccer articles,
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