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What if Television Commercials Were Not Synchronized?

Have you been noticing now if you have Satellite Television that the commercials are synchronized so you are forced to watching them? If you leave one channel for another then there is another commercial break there on that station too? Lately with these vie to seven minute segment on the News Channels they give you two stories under rapid fire, never give you the whole new then the commercial break with some great story up next, trying to get you to wait and watch the commercials?

Have you also noticed that they keep re-running the news but keep telling you to wait for some late breaking new? It’s like déjà vu already and they do this everyday. That is enough to make anyone upset along with these synchronized commercial breaks. Now you can buy a system to stop and record the show and then go back later and fast forward thru those commercials for a FEE! Great a new service to block the commercials, when you use to be able to vote with your TV Clicker, but now you have to wait or pay?

Well, you know what I have better things to do than to watch commercials all day especially when I am paying for satellite TV already. This is getting to be aggravating indeed. I ask you; What if Television Commercials Were Not Synchronized? It is time to turn that thing off it is melting our brains and not that I do not care about the Girl in Aruba, but for god’s sakes give me some news. Think on it.

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