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Baseball season tickets allow the holder admission to regular season baseball games. Season tickets come in different packages, such as full- and partial-season plans, half-season ticket plans, weekenders, series plans and flex plans to suit your budget, schedules, and tastes. Seating assignments are available on the basis of location demand, availability, cumulative total, and annual point total. Baseball season tickets are ideal for business persons to influence employees and clients, entertain colleagues, and to share with friends and family.

Usually, baseball season tickets are available from various sports clubs. Depending on the rules of a club, holders of baseball season tickets receive several benefits and perks. They include priority seating and early entrance opportunities. Usually, a full-season ticket holder has the first priority to choose his seat, regardless of the date of purchase. Baseball season ticket holders also get an opportunity to buy playoff tickets earlier than others. Some clubs provide annual seat-upgrade options and prepaid season parking options.

Baseball season tickets are available throughout the playing season, but ticket sellers advise you to buy your tickets before the season starts. Sellers usually provide special offers such as discounted prices, free gifts, and invitations to bus trips and parties. Free game notes, guaranteed current seat locations for every game, invitations to VIP picnics, free scorecards for each game, no waiting in line to purchase tickets, and email newsletters are among the other benefits you get.

Buying a season ticket package is the only way to get the same great seat for every game. Ticket exchange policies help you avoid wasting the tickets. Generally, seats are transferable to a surviving spouse only. Baseball season tickets make great gifts for families, friends, employees, and business clients.

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