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Watertown Wi Little League Baseball

As a sport, hockey is exciting to watch. I have been watching it for 20 years. My son started at 5 years old and played right through high school. From what he and others tell me, it is more exciting to play.

This must be so because there are so many amateur leagues all over the world. I am lucky enough to be a timekeeper for one of these, once a week I get to watch 3 games. Yes there is bad hockey but for the most part the level of play is very good. In fact the players are dedicated to putting in their best efforts.

These guys play just for the enjoyment, they are not out looking for glory, it is the fun that attracts them. Currently our league has seven teams. Each team has from 12 – 18 players. Every one of them plays their hearts out every game.

I hope that if you are “into” hockey, you will find out if there is a league near you and get down and watch a couple of games. It is worth the hour, you will see a bunch of guys playing as if they were fighting for a playoff spot. In some leagues they are.

Our league plays 20 weeks over the winter and then the play offs begin in April. The league champions get a trophy, pictures on the website and bragging rights for the summer.

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Submitted by Rick Lannquist
Watertown Senior A Hockey League