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Washington Youth Soccer Association

There are so many different soccer coaching licenses that you can get to enhance your chances of getting a great job. In this article, I'll tell you which are the best.

Probably you are a big fan of soccer (or football as it is known in most of the world) already. But it's not enough to just be a fan of the beautiful game, you need to prove your worth in other ways. Luckily there are some industry recognised soccer coaching certificates that you can add to your armory.

There are really only two tracks that you need to choose from. One is the U.S. track and the other is the European track. Both are recognised worldwide but I would say that the European badges just edge it so, even if you live in the US, you might want to choose to do the European ones.

The U.S. badges are given out by the United States Soccer Federation. They are graded in different levels so you can start light and get the basics so that you can teach kids. Of course, to coach soccer, anyone can do it - but it is the soccer schools and then the clubs that demand the badges - this is why you need them.

Luckily the basic badges are easy to get. Then when you qualify for one, you can aim for the next one, all while still getting experience. Eventually you progress from the Youth license to the C, B and A which is the top level.

In Europe, the situation is slightly different. UEFA, the governing body of European football dish out the top tier of licenses - I'll come to them shortly. But national bodies will give you the lower level badges.

So in England, for instance, the Football Association will allow you to take the Level 1 and Level 2 soccer coaching qualifications. Especially the Level 1 is really easy and you need no experience to do it. Just having it on your resume is a great way of showing that you are serious about coaching as a career.

After that, UEFA allow you to take the "B" badge (also known as Level 3), the "A" badge and then the "Pro" badge. This last badge was recently made compulsory for all pro managers in Europe - yes, even the best have to take an exam! If you want to become the next Alex Ferguson then you should eventually aim to take this badge.

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