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Teikyo Swimming Teams

Teikyo Post University is located in Waterbury, Connecticut and is a 4-year private non-profit university. This university offers a Bachelor of Science in Equine Management Degree. The Equine Management Degree that is offered combines business administration courses with equine courses. This will teach students all of the skill that are needed for the management and care of horses along with the efficient running of an equine related business. The equine subjects that are required will teach the students all aspects of proper horse care and stable management, ethical treatment of horses, nutrition and anatomy, current veterinary information, instructor training, and there are many opportunities for students to have hands on experiences. Along with the equine courses, students are required to take different business courses. The business courses, offered through the Interdisciplinary Leadership Core Curriculum, provide the groundwork needed in management. Each student is recommended to focus on the specific area, based on their interest that they want to pursue a career in.

The Equine Management Program provides student the solid training that they need to become successful professionals in today’s competitive horse industry. Each student will be able to customize their own course of study to suit their specific career goals. Besides receiving a bachelor’s degree, each student, in accordance with the universities equine and business courses, can become a Career Specialist through Certification or Concentrations. There are also many hands on experiences that each student will have besides the classroom learning and certification. Some of the unique features that the Equine Management Program has of offer are:

· Small class size with personalized attention from instructors that have many years of experience in different equine related fields

· Flexibility for students to customize their studies to receive Career Specialties through Certification or Concentrations

· Hands on experiences that are coupled with classroom studies

· Opportunities for students to study abroad in the UK with the potential for British Horse Society professional instructor certification

· Off campus field training for specified Career Specialties

· Balance between business/management classes and equine classes according to the students selected Career Specialty/Concentration

· Extensive networks of experts from many different areas of the equine industry who are willing to provide students with internship possibilities and work experience. Students will also have the opportunity to shadow professional in specific areas of the equine industry

· Chance to learn through the Equine Resources Committee events like lectures, demonstrations, and clinics

· IHSA Equestrian Team and IDA Dressage Team

There are many different careers that students can choose to pursue. Some of these options include riding instructors (certified through BHS or CHS), therapeutic riding instructors (certified through NARHA at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center), equine law, equine marketing, equine sports management, equine podiatry, equine massage, or any number of different equine related fields.

Because the Equine Management Program gives students both classroom and hands on experience, graduates will be in high demand because they will be entering the equine industry with both a college degree and real world experiences. This will give them the greatest chance to succeed in the highly competitive equine industry. Students are also highly encouraged to obtain as many experiences as possible. This is because the equine industry is very vast and it is very difficult to teach everything that the students will need to know. Students are to use these experiences to think “outside of the box” so that they will be able to find their niche in the world. Students are also taught to use the skills that they have learned to make them strong business people as well as good horse people. This combination will give them the greatest chance for success after they have received their diplomas.

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