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Team Swimming

In essence, swimming pools are rather simple - they're just big bowls of water. They are a great antidote for the long hot days of summer. These days, swimming pools are quite common sights in people’s backyards, particularly the above ground type of pool. Swimming pools are a super addition to anyone’s home. Above ground swimming pools are great fun for parties or BBQ's, and are good to sling the kids in during those long hot summer days. Above-ground swimming pools are a lot less expensive than the in-ground type of pool. Of all pool types, the fiberglass type of swimming pool is probably the most popular.

In some regions of the world, a swimming pool for private use is looked on as a status symbol (an indoor pool more so). Indoor swimming pools, while still thought of as a pretty fancy addition to the home, are really gaining some popularity in mainstream America. There could be drawbacks of course, one is that chemical fumes from indoor swimming pools may contribute to a higher risk of children becoming asthmatic, a study from Belgium has suggested. Indoor swimming pools will either need construction of an addition to your home or some sort of outbuilding.


Drowning in residential swimming pools is the main cause of morbidity and mortality for children of a tender age. Studies have shown that young children are much more likely to drown in residential swimming pools than in lakes or similar open bodies of water. I repeat, drowning is a real and present danger, keep a close eye on your child. A swimming pool can be a safe and healthy recreational tool when swimmers are educated, and every precaution has been taken to make absolutely sure the swimming pool is safe.

Building an in ground swimming pool is quite an undertaking, it not only costs a lot of cash, but can also take a lot of time. An in ground swimming pool will only turn out as good as the quality of its planning and design as well as the materials that go into it. For a lot of families, the American dream is complete only when the swimming pool is added to the garden.

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