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Teaching New Soccer Practice Games

There are several soccer practice games that the coaches can have the players practice. One such a game is lofted passes game.

  • About The Lofted Passes Game

  • The lofted passes game is an effective way to practice lofted passes with backspin. Lofted passes with backspin is in fact a fundamental skill that each coach must teach his team and one that each soccer player must learn.

    The best thing with this game is that the setup for the game is very simple and easy. There are many touches and the coach can teach many things with this game.

  • What It Teaches

  • With this game, the coach can teach every player about how to loft the ball for shots, for long over-the-top passes and as a way to clear the ball. Lofted ball is the term that is used to any type of pass or shot that goes into the air, including a chip.

    However, the coaches need to address the team regarding the difference between various types of lofted passes and shots. The difference depends on how low the ball is struck. It also depends upon the angle of the kicker's body upon contact, such as whether he is leaning forward or backward.

    The difference has also to do with the angle at which the ball is approached, and whether the follow thru is long or short. One good example is that a "chip" is approached straight on, while a lofted "drive" is usually approached at more of an angle.

  • What Is A Chip

  • A chip is nothing but a type of lofted ball with backspin. However, you cannot refer it as a drive because it does not go very far.

  • Difference In The Height Of The Ball

  • The difference in the height of the ball depends on certain things. For example, it depends on how close to the ground the ball is struck. It will go higher than if it is struck close to the middle if it is struck close to the ground.

    Whether children continue to play soccer will have a lot to do with whether it is fun at early ages. This is where these soccer practice games can work wonders.

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