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Sounds Of Little League Baseball

If you are like a lot of people you are wondering where Freddie Sanchez of the Pittsburgh Pirates came from. This is the first season that Sanchez has really played a full year in the major leagues, and he is definitely making the most of his opportunity. Throughout most of the season Sanchez has been the National League leader in batting average. He has been fluctuating between .340 and .350 all season long. If he can keep up this pace it appears that he will be the first Pirate to win the batting title in over 20 years.

So where exactly did Sanchez come from? Well, he was in the Pirates minor league system for a bit, and when he was there he was always a great hitter. When the Pirates finally brought him up to the big club he really impressed in a few games at the end of last season. This prompted the Pirates to make Sanchez a main stay in the line up. But even then he did not have an easy route. The Pirates brought in veteran Joe Randa to play third base this season. It was only after an injury to Randa that Sanchez seized the opportunity and moved into the starting lineup for good.

At this point the pirates and Sanchez are talking about a long term deal. If the Pirates want to continue to build towards the future, they need to get Sanchez signed to a long term contract. This will give them a solid third baseman for the years to come.

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