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Soccer Positions For Youth

There are four different positions in the soccer field diagram. They are usually termed as Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, and Goalie/goalkeeper. Let me give you a brief insight into the same.

  • Forwards

  • Forwards are those players who have to position themselves near the goal of their opponent team. Players at other position pass them the ball and it is their task to convert that passing of the ball into scoring a goal. Their primary task is to score goals, and that is the reason why they need to be strong enough.

    They may lack certain other skills, but it is of vital importance that they should have a strong body with power and energy. Again, it is not always that they play near the opponent’s goal post only. Of course, all the players have to keep moving depending upon the circumstances.

    Moreover, they may have to spend some time in the middle of the field also. When forwards play in the midst of the field, they are known as “strikers”. When they have to play near the touchlines, they are known as “Wings”. Overall, Forwards must be quick runners with powerful kicking skills and accuracy in shooting.

  • Midfielders

  • In general, there can be somewhere between three and six midfielders in a soccer team. They play with an objective to get control of the ball and then pass the same to the forwards so that they could score goals for the team. As the name suggests, midfielders play most of the times in the middle of the field.

    The coach should work in a way to enhance the tackling abilities of the midfielders because it is this ability that helps them stealing the ball from the opponent players and pass the same to the Forwards. Midfielders must have great accuracy in passing the ball.

  • Defenders

  • In general, there can be somewhere between three and five defenders in a soccer team. Their position in the field is just near their own goalpost, as their main task is to save the goals attempted by the opponent players. That is the reason why they are termed as defenders.

    What is more, it is also their task to take the ball from the goalie and pass the same to the midfielders. They have to kick the ball very far to the midfielders. Therefore, it is important for the coach to train them accordingly.

    Goalie of course saves the goal for your team, and is the only player in the soccer field diagram who is allowed to use his hands.

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