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Okolona Little League Baseball

One of the best pitchers in major league baseball this season is Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondback. Webb got off to a very fast start in 2006, and he has been able to carry this momentum for the duration of the season. Even though there is still a month or so left in the season, Webb is going as strong as ever before. If he can keep up at his current pace it is safe to say that he will get a lot of consideration for the Cy Young award that goes to the leagues best pitcher.

At this point Webb is sitting nicely with a 14-5 record. In addition to this, Webb has an ERA of 3.02. This is good enough for third best in the National League, and goes a long way in helping the Diamondbacks stay in games when the offense is having a tough time getting things started.

Webb has also struck out 140 batters, while only walking 44 of them. This is a great ratio for any pitcher, and it shows that Webb has a lot of control and accuracy when standing on the mound. This is one thing that has gone a long way in helping him tally those 14 wins.

Even though Webb is only 26 years old he has already established himself as one of the best pitchers in the league. If the Diamondbacks hope to be a consistent playoff participant, they will want to keep Webb around for as long as possible.

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