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Malysia Olympic Swimming Team

One of the best inspirational sports stories ever concerns the U.S. Olympic Hockey teams triumph at the 1980 Winter Olympics. The tale has it all. There are young kids with dreams of glory, hard work, team spirit, a goal that far exceeds their grasp, and a Rocky-like finish.

The ultimate win of the Olympic Gold Medal over the Russian National Team has been written up in sports magazines and newspapers innumerable times in the past twenty-five years. The story is also told on video. For less than $10.00 on Amazon you can buy the DVD Do You Believe in Miracles? Watch the 60-minute program and you’ll cry and cheer. This video was produced by ABC sports. In 2004 Walt Disney Studios produced the excellent feature film, Miracle starring Kurt Russell as the U.S. Olympic hockey team’s coach, and Patricia Clarkson as his wife. The film does a great job of showing all the planning and effort that went into the run for the gold.

But if you really want to motivate more than yourself, you should consider the classic training video, Do You Believe In Miracles? This shorter version of the ABC Sports presentation is designed for training. It comes with a public viewing license. This means it can legally be used at workshops and seminars for training and motivation. This version cannot be purchased on Amazon, however.

“One of the great motivational videos of all time. The video documents the underdog U.S. Hockey team's 1980 Olympic Gold Medal win; culminating with the stunning upset of the top seeded Russians. This 24-minute documentary is about one of the greatest upsets in sports history: the United States' defeat of the vaunted Russian Olympic hockey team in Lake Placid, New York. It's David vs. Goliath: A bunch of college kids from Canada and the United States up against the Soviet Union professionals who had won four straight Olympic gold medals.”
– Program Description

It’s almost impossible to view the final minutes of each of these videos without tears in your eyes, a lump in your throat, and a cheer on your lips. If you saw the game live, the videos bring back the joy you experienced then, and if you’ve never seen the story unfold at all, you will be amazed . . . and moved.

You owe it to yourself to check out a copy from your local library, or purchase on Amazon or buy the training version if you want to inspire teamwork in others. Share the feelings of triumph and pride. You will rejoice. You will believe in miracles. And what’s more, you’ll find that motivation is contagious.

Author Don Doman: Don is a published author of books for small business, corporate video producer, and owner of Ideas and Training (, which provides business training products. Don also owns Human Resources Radio (, which provides business training programs and previews 24-hours a day.