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Much like the rest of the National League West, the Colorado Rockies are just horrible. Bad. Pathetic. Shall I go far as to say they are as bad as a Minor League team?

Despite being so bad, these Rockies have always proven to have a strong home field advantage. Over the past 7 seasons, these Rockies are 302-265 (53%) +9 units. On the road, they are 207-360 (36.5%) -87 units. I think it is safe to say one should question themselves before betting the Rockies on the road. This is almost a 17% difference between their home record and road record. The Major League average is only 7%!!

The Rockies were 23-23 at home as a dog in the 2005 season. Last season was the first time that they have ever been a home underdog for more than 40 times in a season. Aside from the past three years, they have not been an home dog for more than 28 games. You can see a downward trend to these Rockies in the eyes of bettors. They are getting worse but betting on them in those sports are still profitable.

The Rockies are 58-60 +12 units as a home underdog the past three seasons. In fact, it improves to 30-20 +17 units against division rivals. This is actually a very notable trend over the history of the Rockies. Bet on them as a home dog in division rivalry games.

One of my most notorious betting systems involves betting on home underdogs whose home win percentage is much better than their road win percentage. A team being bad on the road is usually a sign that the team is bad. Therefore their money line odds at home are never adjusted properly. Bet the Rockies at home against the likes of the Dodgers, Padres, and Diamondbacks if you see them as a dog.

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