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Lebanon Storm Youth Basketball Oregon

It is rather interesting how we listen to Hezbollah complain about the violence in Lebanon due to the war they started with Israel. Even more curious is how we see news footage of those in protests in Lebanon who blame the United States? Why blame the United States and why are they forgetting their history? The United States and all nations should stand up against international terrorism and those nation states, which sponsor them.

It is the United States who was there to protect the freedoms of the people of Lebanon before and perhaps they do not value the sacrifice of United States blood in Lebanon in October 1983 when the Marine Barracks were bombed and 241 US Service men died and hundreds injured. And what about the US Embassy car bomb and attack too?

It is also curious that really Lebanon is only a few years older than Israel anyway, so they should have the least amount of problems with Israel and really they did not, until Lebanon allowed its self to be controlled by the International Terrorist Organization of Hezbollah. How soon every one has forgotten the Marine Barracks Bombing and US Embassy attack in Lebanon? Interesting indeed.

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