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The Katy, Texas real estate market has undergone a facelift over the past five to ten years. When listing a home for sale, you are going to want to upgrade your home to the best of your financial capabilities.

If you are in fact interested in the Katy, Texas real estate market, you should visit a few homes that are similar to your own. You should do this during an open house, as to avoid taking up the precious time of both the seller and the realtor. Visiting similar Katy, Texas real estate markets like your own will allow you to see how your basic appliances, features, and overall décor compare to the other home for sale in the area. What should you do if you feel you are ranking low on the Katy, Texas real estate hot list? Well, then it is time to upgrade.

Upgrading doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. Pretty much everyone who lists their homes for sale does at least a little bit of upgrading. Upgrading might simply mean some new wallpaper and a few new throw rugs, or it might mean a complete overhaul of the home for sale.

Your Katy, Texas real estate agent can guide you in the necessary upgrades to make your home more competitive on the market, but they can also recommend a good designer to help you get the most bang for your buck in the areas you can not do yourself. The designer should be familiar with other homes for sale in the Katy, Texas real estate market. That way you will know you are getting the most competitive edge possible.

Most people are happy to know that their homes really don’t require much upgrading outside of some aesthetic features. By creating quality aesthetic features throughout the home, the perception is that you are giving 100% attention to the home’s care and have upgraded throughout your ownership. This is different than creating an illusion. I’m certainly not recommended lying. The difference is on perception.

When a home looks well cared for but there is a tiny issue with the toilet, for instance. Another house that doesn’t look well cared for that has the same toilet issue is going to leave a bigger impression than the home for sale that looks as though it has been well cared for. Two homes for sale in exactly the same condition will not sell at the same rate if one appears well cared for while the other one doesn’t. Thus, visually upgrading your home will make it more competitive on the Katy, Texas real estate market.

About The Author: Karen Karapasha is a top Realtor and relocation specialist who assists home buyers and sellers in Houston, Texas. The Karapasha Team has ranked among the Top 25 Realtors in Houston since 2001. Visit for homes in Katy and Houston or call Karen directly at 281-578-4000