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Imperial Beach Youth Basketball Titans

Tennessee Titans seem to be in no hurry to get a new general manager. It is now over a month since Floyd Reese, the previous general manager, resigned and the Titans are taking their own time to complete their search.

However, it looks like Bud Adams, Titans’ owner, may have reached the end of his search. It is believed that Mike Reinfeldt, Seattle’s vice president of football administration, would most likely end up being Titans’ new general manager.

It was announced on February 6, 2007 that Reinfeldt had decided to leave the Seattle after being with for the last seven years.

According to Ron Wolf, Packers former general manager who worked with Reinfeldt, Titans would greatly benefit having someone like Reinfeldt amongst their midst.

Adams had hoped to have had a general manager by now but unfortunately chief operating officer Steve Underwood and coach Jeff Fisher had not finished interviewing the last seven candidates till January 29, 2007. Adams could not meet the shortlisted candidates till February 2 and 3, 2007.

Adams interviewed Reinfeldt on February 2 and on the same day he met with Ruston Webster, Seattle’s executive. One February 3, Adams met Charles Bailey who is director of pro personnel at Jacksonville.

Adams has not hired a general manager who has not worked for his franchise since 1973 when he hired Sid Gillman and this is also the first time that he is hiring a general manager since 1994 when Floyd Reese was promoted from assistant general manager to general manager.

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