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How to Soccer - The 3 Basic Positions

It is of paramount importance for the coaches to teach their team about basic attacking principles and positioning, when it comes to how to soccer.

  • The Three Basic Positions

  • There are three basic positions in the attack. The First Tracker is the one who holds the ball. The main duty of this player is to retain possession while getting the ball as close to goal as possible through dribbling, passing or shooting.

    Then, there are Second Attackers. They are the players within an easy ground pass of the First Attacker. The main duty of the Second Attackers is to prevent loss of possession, while still allowing the ball to be advanced forward if possible. This should be the case until the ball is advanced to within scoring range of the goal.

    The coach must have a single Second Attacker position himself before getting into scoring range in order to allow the short relay passes between himself and the First Attacker.

    In order to move the ball around the defenders, the attackers must try to get the ball past all of the defenders and into unobstructed space within scoring range of the goal.

    The single Second Attacker must also be ready. As soon as the ball moves within scoring range, the single Second Attacker should switch from a "safety-first" orientation of keeping possession. It means he should try to move the ball away from goal in order to keep it.

    The purpose of keeping possession is to be prepared to the more active role of setting up a shot on goal by the single Second Attacker himself or by the First Attacker.

    This is the time when the second attacker should move into a position in order to allow the First Attacker to pass the ball into "scoring space" behind or to the side of the defenders.

    This is the space the player can take an immediate shot. Now, there is a third attacker as well. His main duty is to unbalance the defense by making deep runs, usually to the far side of the goal. When it comes to learn and teach how to soccer, these are basic principles to consider.

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