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How To Play Soccer - The Basics

Whether you are a novice soccer coach or parent, or a seasoned soccer player just starting to learn how to play soccer, it is always in your best interest to keep up with teaching soccer techniques, soccer drills and soccer moves so that your game will be top notch.

There are some basic steps you should focus on:

  • Step 1 - How To Bounce, Bend, and Curve a Soccer Ball

  • To bend and curve a soccer ball are incredible soccer techniques because they allow you to get the ball around defenders in order to maintain possession and take shots on goal that are concealed from the goalkeeper.

    It is also useful for corner kicks and crosses into the box.

    When bending the ball, you will either use the inside or outside of the foot, depending on which foot you are kicking with and which direction in which you want the ball to go.

    If you are using your right foot, then to bend the ball to the left you want to use the inside of your foot to make contact with the right side of the ball. You can swivel slightly on your support foot to get a better kick.

    If you want to curve the ball to the right, then you need to bring the outside of your foot in contact with the left side of the ball.

  • Step 2 - How To Pass a Soccer Ball

  • On learning how to play soccer, passing is crucial to keeping possession of the ball during a game. While any kick that ends with the ball in the possession of a team-mate is passing, there are proper techniques to use to pass effectively and accurately.

    Short passes are most effectively executed by using the inside of the foot because of the large surface available for accurately aiming the ball.

    If you are passing long, then the instep is the most effective kick to use. If you need to pass behind, your heel is the used.

    When learning how to play soccer, don't ever forget that passing involves communication between the passer and the receiver.

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