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Hall of Fame in the NBA - Part 2

The current building, located just south of its previous home, cost a sum of $45 million to build. The architecture of the new building is bold and eye-catching in and of itself, without even entering to awe over the artifacts and displays inside. It features a huge silver half-sphere structure that is several stories tall, as well as a tall spire that is capped with an orange globe.

Surrounded by a shopping center full of retail outlets, the Hall of Fame doesn’t have to be the only destination for the day, either, and anyone in your party not interested in sports or facts and figures of the game can simply spend the day shopping without denying the basketball fanatic a chance to spend the day gawking at images of his or her first love.

With several newly risen stars on the basketball court today, the Hall of Fame is guaranteed to expand over the decades, filling its walls and displays with new legends and contributors. The change will allow for fans to visit over and over again, always finding something new and exciting to view within the walls.

The NBA Hall of Fame has not gotten the notoriety like Cooperstown for Baseball's Hall of Fame but with the popularity of Basketball in the United States growing, we might see a change of the guards.

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