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Greenhaven Little League Baseball

The comments of David Wells against Commissioner Bud Selig about the removal of the sign the Yankees used to apologize to fans for their star players being off at the World Baseball Classic spurred controversy over whether MLB players should better censor themselves to the media or not. While some people, typically players themselves, feel as if they are permitted to speak their minds, there are critics that argue players who take their comments too far can actually hurt the sport.

Baseball is known for being one sport where there is less arguing than any other sport. When you look at football players or basketball players, you often see a lot of them talking out to the media about other players they dislike and about their problems with authoritative figures on and off of their team. When players do this, it only spurs on problems and can actually make the players who open up look worse in the end. So, all in all, if baseball players want to be seen as the All-American athletes they are, they may want to keep their mouth shut, at least when they are speaking to the media. Whether they will do this or not, cannot be guessed.

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