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Going No-Huddle Like the Pros With Your Youth Football Team

The key is using "wrist coaches" for your players.

Wrist Coaches are must for any team that is running a no- huddle offense. It's too hard and takes too much time away from your football practice to try and memorize a sequence of football plays or hand signals.

The wrist coach is an elastic band that has a clear plastic window in it and a slit to insert a piece of paper. On the piece of paper arrange your football plays by name and number using an 8 font. Laminate the piece of paper because if you don't the ink runs and the paper breaks up, it's a real mess. Do not let the players take the wrist coaches home, they get lost that way, they stay in the equipment bag. Have a wrist band for every player and the coaching staff, they run about $8 each at most sporting goods stores.

We code our football plays from 0 to 9 in columns on the wrist band, One column is in red ink the other in black, so we have room for a total of 20 plays, some football plays can be on the card more than once. We use a voice method to signal the football plays in that correspond to a number and color in the grid. So if we call out "Red 3" it is play #3 in the red column. A simple code would be to give a three number sequence with one "live" number. If you called "red 139" and the second number was "live" the play would be "red 3" which for us would correspond to 16 Power written in the Red column under #3.

It sounds a lot harder than it is, it's actualy quite simple to pull off even for kids as young as 6-8. Every one of my last 6 teams went no-huddle using this method and we had no problems making it work. My youth football teams consistently average in the 40 point per game range.

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