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What is a sellerís broker?

A sellerís broker represents the person who is selling a property. They will have the sellerís interests in mind throughout the real estate transaction. A broker is different than a realtor or real estate agent because a broker owns the real estate agency.

Ethics of a sellerís broker:

Brokers follow a code of ethics, which they learn during their training. These ethics include obeying all state, local, and federal laws and real estate regulations. The ethics also include acting in the best interest of the seller (rather than themselves), to let the seller know everything necessary to make the best sale, and to keep any agreements with the seller.

The broker must also disclose any information about the property that should be disclosed for ethical or legal reasons.

Sellerís broker training:

A real estate broker must have a license to be selling real estate. A license is obtained through the state the broker is selling in, and in order to obtain the license, a broker must go through several hours of classroom study, pass an exam, and have several hours of real estate training outside the classroom.

What will a broker help you with when selling your home?A broker will help you with many things, and is qualified to do so as a result of extensive experience in selling homes. Your broker will help you make a fact sheet, find a reasonable asking price, and help you know the best times to sell your home.

Making a fact sheet:

A fact sheet is easy to make. It is an informational sheet that spells out what your neighborhood is like, including schools, stores, access to freeways, etc. It will also include information about your home such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the house, and the size of the yard. A broker will be able to show you the best places to put your fact sheet. They may also have their own publication that they will publish the information about your home in.

Finding a reasonable asking price:

Finding a reasonable asking price is of the utmost importance. You do not want to undersell your home, and you will have a difficult time selling it if you are asking too much. Your broker will look at comparable homes in the area and see what they are selling for. They will come up with an asking price based on the information they find.

Finding the best time to sell:

Some times of the year are better for selling a home than others, with the best times being the fall and spring. Why? The weather is less extreme, and so more people are looking for homes; also yards appear to optimal advantage during this time as a result of the plants in bloom. If you have to sell your home during the winter, you may want to consider putting plants in your garden that can survive during the season, so your yard doesnít look so barren to prospective buyers.

Finding a broker:

Finding a broker is easy, whether you prefer to look in the phone book or online. Itís good to ask someone you know who has just sold a home whether or not their broker represented them well, and if the broker did, ask for his or her contact information.

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