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French Swimming Team

Learning French fast is your objective? Speaking a language goes well beyond the simple challenge of learning a few expressions off by heart. Like swimming or driving a car, it necessitates some degree of theory and, of course, a lot of practice.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to a French-speaking country, you can use the various home-based courses available now. The great thing about some of these courses is that you can easily use them with a CD while you are driving your car, at the beach or even at the gym.

It is not essential to know everything if you want to speak Spanish fast. By learning French fast you will be comfortable conversing in short sentences. This will help you keep your eyes on the prize and on the right track to speak French quickly.

Should you be lucky enough to go to a French-speaking country, you will discover that the dispositions of local people towards you surprisingly change if you speak only just a few words. They appreciate your effort, feel honoured that you are trying to learn their language, and will go out of their way to help you.

In addition, by combining immersion with the typical home-study process, not only will you learn French fast, but you will also enjoy a much greater appreciation of the French culture.

If you truly wish to speak French fast, you have to go to the country to experience the language for yourself. Do not make the silly mistake to go there with your best friend or your workmate: you will end up talking to each other in your native language and miss out on the myriad of opportunities to mix with locals. When you go on a language trip, do not follow the path: go off the beaten track and start your own trail!

However, once again, if you do not have the chance to go to a French-speaking country, here is my rule of the thumb when it comes to pick your French course: choose a course that is downloadable instantly and prefer MP3 format courses. Take you MP3 player with you and learn the language anywhere you go.

Sophia Munoz is a Spanish and French teacher who likes investigating language and multiculturalism issues. She speaks French fluently and teaches both languages at university level. Do you know that French people "have the cockroach" very often? If you want to learn French fast, check her humoristic review on French idioms!