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Free Youth Football Playbooks

Football fans love to talk about the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp, which is an annual clinic designed for the most promising young quarterbacks in the nation. It is held in San Juan Capistrano, California, the ideal location for such a camp because of its seclusion. Every year, it holds the best young arms in the nation. It was designed in the belief that quarterbacks are made, not born.

The players that have attended the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp are impressive: Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback Carson Palmer, Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart, and rising star Mark Sanchez. The top 11 quarterbacks every year learn the essential drills and techniques that can perhaps take them to the ultimate level, the NFL.

Being a good quarterback takes more than just learning how to throw the ball. It requires an almost politically unbiased attitude towards the entire offense. A quarterback is the head of the team, and as such, leadership skills are a must. But, of course, you must have the bread to back up the butter, and learning the techniques and plays of the most promising quarterbacks in the nation is where it starts.

You can now buy DVDs designed to incorporate some of the highly successful habits of Elite 11 Quarterback Camp attendees. These products stress the absolute memorization of playbooks and the learned skill of reading defenses. Quickness, strength, and overall agility are fundamental building blocks of being a good quarterback, and they are addressed in abundance.

All quarterbacks must learn the drills and practice them to be the starter on your team.

Todd Krueger is a former NFL Quarterback that runs a youth football/quarterback website called