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Free Youth Football Coaching Drills

Throw-ins play an important role in soccer coaching drills. It is the duty of an expert coach to train his team for perfect throw ins. Following are some of the ideas to consider about taking throw-ins.

  • Possession Should Not Be Immediately Lost

  • Teach the players to keep possession of the ball. This is the first and the most important thing that the players need to learn while considering throw ins.

    The first priority of the players must be to keep possession of the ball. It is very important to understand that it is simply useless if the players throw the ball down the line if possession will immediately be lost.

  • Choosing The Right Player

  • What makes the huge difference is whether the right player is being used or not. It is important for the players to keep in mind that in the defending third, if the opponents press, they are very much likely to lose the possession. Therefore, the wise player should leave the defenders free to mark and cover space.

  • Using Simple Plays

  • The coach must train their players to use simple approaches. When it comes to taking a throw-in, there are three simple approaches that coaches need to have their teams rehearse regularly.

    The first approach is throw the ball back, away from pressure, and switch it to the other side of the field. As per the second approach, the players should make runs to create space and beat marking.

    What is more, they should throw the ball to an open player. The third approach is to throw the ball to a back-to-goal player who drops the ball for the thrower.

  • Throwing To Feet

  • Another important thing regarding the throw ins is that the players must be trained to throw the ball to feet with perfection. An expert coach knows that the players at all levels of ability are capable to do better when they receive a throw-in to feet.

    The interesting thing is that when it comes to Soccer coaching drills, if the players are in pressure, they can perform much better when they receive a throw-in to feet.

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