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Franchise Rules and Regulations Should be Synchronized

Currently we have so many regulations in Franchising in the United States that it is hurting the Industry something terrible. Sure Franchise Lawyers and those paper work pushing bureaucrats love the job security, but it is hell on a franchise organization with 15 different sets of rules and regulations. None of which are the same as that of the FTC or Federal Trade Commission. What we really need is one set of rules, which are all the same. Not only in the 50 states and many territories, but also in other nations too; all Franchise Rules and Regulations should be synchronized.

Do I believe one set of rules will ever happen? Do I believe that we can start from scratch with a better and a more fair way for all parties of the franchise? No. After all, Ontario, Canda had a chance to start from scratch and now we just have more of the same. Lots of Lobbying, input, letters, and debate and what do we have? Just more of the same, more barriers to entry in the never ending blob of bureaucracy and it is happening all over the world, which is tying the hands of franchisees and franchisors in their ultimate goal of profitability and market share.

Would someone please tell all these countries who are making franchise rules not to copy the US System; it sucks, it's broken and if these other nations really want economic growth they need to keep any and all franchise rules to a bare minimum. Consider all this in 2006.

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