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Fifa Youth Soccer Rules

Soccer is widely known as football around the world and it is extremely popular game .This game is a big turn on for soccer lovers. The best part about this game is, it puts everyone on his toes in just 45 minutes. This game has so much of thrill and excitement that turns a soccer lover to a soccer freak.

This game is played between two teams, each consists 11 players with a ball. The soccer ground is rectangular in shape and consists a goal at each end.

The target for each team is to maneuver the ball into the rival team’s goal and thus making a 'goal'. A player that stops the maneuver at goal is called a goalkeeper. At the end of the game the team that hits more goals is declared winner.But in case the numbers of goals are same for each team the game becomes draw.

In such a case the game timings can be extended or even a penalty shootout can resolve the problem. It all depends upon the situation.The game is played in two halves, each half is a period of 45 minutes.

There are several rules in soccer game. The common one is that no player of team should hit the soccer with the hands or arms except the goalkeeper.Any part of body can be used to propel the ball except hands and arms.

Fédération Internationale de Football Association also known as FIFA governs the soccer all over the world. The most exciting event that is organized is called 'World Cup' by FIFA at regular intervals of four years. Some 190 teams around the world participate in this game from all over the world to make it to final and finally win the world cup.

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