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Fantasy Basketball 101

Fantasy basketball gives fans a chance to experience what it is like to manage their own franchise. If youíre a typical Ďback-seat driverí during the regular basketball season, there is no better chance to enforce your own decisions when comes to trading and drafting than to create your own fantasy basketball team.

The first step you will need to take in getting started is to come up with a name for your team. Of course, you can select any name you like; however, most owners choose to have a little fun with the naming process. It really doesnít matter in the end but itís always good to select a name that will easily identify your team.

If there is not already a league in your area you will need to think about creating a league. There is no set number of teams that must comprise a league. Some leagues haves just a few teams while other leagues have well over a dozen teams. On average; however, most leagues have about 12 teams. If you find yourself in the position of needing to create a league, consider recruiting family members, co-workers and friends as team owners to join your league.

Once the matter of the league is decided you will need to give some thought to how you want to play. In fantasy basketball there are two different styles; head to head and a style that is known as rotisserie. Head to head, of course, is a style in which teams go head to head with one another and whichever team scores the most points wins. With this type of league play, each team will play a different team each week throughout the regular season.

With rotisserie style of play the standings are determined by the each teamís performance in several categories. These categories include assists, rebounds, blocks, steals, 3-pointers and of course, team points.

You will need to give some thought to the type of play that you prefer to go with when designing your league. You will also need to make sure you have your line-up posted every week.

If you are really serious about winning at fantasy basketball it will be critical for you to be as prepared as possible. This isnít something that you can just wing, at least not wing and win. The most successful fantasy basketball winners make sure they are prepared each week. This includes posting their line-ups and keeping an eye on the health of their players on a routine basis so they know ahead of time whether they are going to need to put a backup into place. Even the best and most well honed teams may occasionally find themselves in the position of needing to use a back-up. Keep your backups prepared at all times so you wonít be caught off guard.

By taking the time to do your homework ahead of time and understand as much as possible about fantasy basketball you will be better prepared to win your games and do well in the regular season as well as into the playoffs.

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