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Fantasy Basketball - 10 Fantasy Basketball Tips For Beginners

Playing the NBA Fantasy basketball successfully indeed requires some basic basketball tips. Scroll through this article and get the up to date tips for playing fantasy basketball.

1. Understand the settings of your league. Knowing your league setting is the most important part in playing fantasy basketball and is certainly the elementary base in going ahead. Now is the time to run the statistics while comparing your position.

2. "Focus" - Yes that is the fundamental idea of basketball. Focus on the numbers and now consider your statistics. This is an ideal tip to bid bye to the emotional sentiments.

3. You have understood your settings and have also focused on the numbers and now it's time to get prepared for the draft. An apt draft again depends not only on the number of players but also on the positions and how positions are skewed. Avoid using too odd players while on your 3rd or 4th pick. Try to select big name players to play the first 3 or 4 picks.

4. If you see a major drop off in a particular position right after a definite number, then try to pick up a player or 2 players before that drop off and then come back to other positions. Try to employ the positions, which are famed to be rather "stacked".

5. Stay focused and then look out for opportunities. A steady and good pick is necessary to go a long way. You can even compare the various rankings to get the best result. Keeping a "Depth chart " or a cheat sheet ready can also turn out to be very helpful. Remember, you can actually win a league with a well-set draft. So plan accordingly. As they are picked, keep on striking out the names one after the other. The time that is spent before the draft can save your time on making critical decisions during the draft.

6. Try to stick to the numbers. This is not just a fantasy basketball tip but is also the thumb rule of the sport. Avoid getting emotional and trade and pick by the numbers as much as you can.

7. Another applicable fantasy basketball tip is to judiciously check the roster changes. A player's stat or ability is sometimes affected by any kind of changes. However, do not presume anything as it might not even dent their performance and even can help them.

8. Equally important are the moments right after the draft. Check out the availability of the free agents. Scan the details and make sure that you have filled all the suitable and probable positions. Try to analyze your weaknesses as well as your strengths and then trade with others in the league.

9. Keep your eyes and ears open and try to stay on top throughout the league.

10. Check the box scores. Try to keep a track of it religiously and if possible every night.

There you have it! Use and follow these fantasy basketball tips to your advantage and build a solid team. Enjoy!

About the author:

Richard Syner is a physical therapist and sports enthusiast. If your new to fantasy sports and like free fantasy sports tips go to for other tips on fantasy football, hockey and baseball.