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Evansville Youth Soccer

Soccer routine kids is something that every coach has to deal with. The coach has to work hard in dealing with various discipline problems at the training session.

  • Proper Soccer Practice Behavior For Kids

  • Following are some of the things that coaches need to make sure regarding the discipline and behavior of the kids.

    All the kids must follow all instructions of the coach and of those who are assisting the coach in the training session.

    Kids must be attentive to what the coach has to say.

    No matter who wins or loses, the ethics and dignity of the game must be followed.

    There should be no swearing or name-calling.

    Do not allow the kids kick the ball until you tell them to do so.

  • Using Whistle

  • Whistle is an important equipment for soccer training and every coach must use the same in order to get attention from the players.

  • The Training Session Is Not An Academic School

  • It is very important for the coach to understand that the soccer coaching is different from the way classes in academic schools are held. Kids come for the training session with an intention to have fun and play. If the coaches will make the game look very serious, the kids will not enjoy the same and this may result in various disciplinary issues.

    Therefore, if you want the kids to have their interest in the game following all the disciplines, you must design the training session fun and engaging. Do not be too rigid, but do not be too light as well.

  • Do Not Teach By Lecture Only

  • You should teach everything through practice and interactive games and soccer drills, and not through the long boring lectures. Well, lectures are important, but you must keep it short and simple. Again, there should be no lecture in the middle of the game.

    The right time for the lecture is the beginning of the session or in different breaks. Majority of the training session must be in the form of a keep-away game or cone drills. Explain the drills briefly, and then let them run around and play

    The more the training session will be interactive, fun and engaging, the les you will have to deal with the disciplinary issues. Thus, soccer routine kids can be easy to deal with if you take care of the little things as discussed.

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