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Essex Youth Basketball Clubs

Map of Essex lies in the Chittenden County, Vermont, United States. With a population of 18,626 according to 2000 census, this city deserves full accolades for maintaining the charm and Integrity. The community of Essex city USA works on the basis of Partnership. The town of Essex and village Essex junction comprises of such community and the entire junction is a place of modern urban people. A city perfect for both business and residence, Essex is known for the recognized schooling system.

Many park and recreational centers grace the city streets. Varieties of shopping opportunities are available right in the area of residents and downtown. Be it a local general store or major retail shops, everything is available over there. Essex also gets the credit of the producer of advanced computer chips. It is the home of IBM chip manufacturing plant. Its beautiful location plays a great role in maintaining the beauty of the place. Located between Green Mountains and Lake Champlain, it takes the full advantage of the sixth largest water lake in United States.

Many transportation systems are available which include Auto, Bus, Air bus, Rail and Ferry. Vermont Railroad provides the Essex steam train which carries the load of passenger and freight. Those who tour USA never miss out on visiting splendid city. It does have all the elements to be mentioned in travel diary. Interesting sights, friendly people and wonderful atmosphere are the hallmarks of the city. Do visit this place to add wonderful memories to your assets.

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