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Ennis Little League Baseball

If you are just passing through the town of Ennis then of course you will not find yourself in need of accommodation . . . yet there is just something so warm, so friendly, so simply, unassumingly welcoming about this quaint, picturesque little town in Country Clare . . . you are not to be blamed if you feel yourself drawn to it. If, on getting out of your car to just stretch your legs, catch a bite to eat and take a look around, you find yourself falling so in love with Ennis that you simply have top fin a place to spend at least one night, nobody will blame you; more than that, nobody will be surprised. You certainly aren't the first to do so, and you definitely will not be the last.

Ennis offers a competitive selection of accommodation options, and visitors to the town are often pleased to learn it. There are several hotels available in Ennis, many of them enviably located near the town centre and a myriad of attractions. Many (although not all) of the hotels will offer guests ensuite baths in addition to comfortable, well thought out and well appointed guest rooms. Try a night at the Old Ground Hotel in the heart of town, or maybe stay a week at the chic Ashford Court Boutique Hotel, which also features a lovely restaurant.

Or, if bed and breakfast is more your style, Ennis can accommodate you there, too! There is a selection of bed and breakfast establishments for visitors to choose from. Try a night at Carbery House, or perhaps Newpark House, and revel in the comforts of a more intimate environment and service. Fountain Court is also popular, as is St Patrick's Bed and Breakfast. Or, if you simply prefer self catering options, then simply bunk down in Baker's House, and take care of your own needs- Ennis really has it all!

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